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Nancy & The Christmas Story 

About The Book


Nancy And the Christmas Story 

Nancy and the Christmas Story is a delightful children's book, aged 8+, that follows the journey of Nancy, a girl who moved to a new city with her mom. The book takes place around Christmas when Nancy is new to her new home and discovers the unfamiliar customs around Christmas time. "she didn't know who Santa was, and what he wants from kids." The question motivated Nancy to learn the difference between Santa and Jesus Christ. 
This discovery allows her to connect with the local culture and gives her an idea - to save the world through a presentation about the story of Jesus and Santa Claus and why we celebrate Christmas.


This charming story gives children an understanding of why we celebrate Christmas, different cultures, and beliefs while exploring a unique plot and showing the power of knowledge and friendship. Nancy and the Christmas Story is a heartwarming tale that captures the beauty and spirit of Christmas, making it a must-read for children of all ages.


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