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My history

Pamela Malu

My name is Pamela, but my friends call me Pam. I am a lover of reading, writing, and digital designing. Of course, I am not afraid to say that writing is one of my absolute favorite things to do. My love for writing started when I was a kid; my first short story was part of a school project in grade nine. The story was about a girl in the jungle. I got an A+ on that project. It was the happiest thing that ever happened in my life. I liked my teacher's comment on my paper asking whether I had ever thought of becoming a writer when I grew up. I couldn’t answer that question because I had no idea if I could even stick to my writing life. However, my teacher’s comment motivated me to keep writing short stories and reading them to my little sister and nieces until I started writing for my kids when I became a mother.


When I had my first daughter, I wrote a couple of short stories and poems, and I’d read them to her before bed. Then, a few years later, I wrote more short stories; that’s when the idea of writing for kids was born. I love reading to my kids regularly because reading teaches them to love, self-awareness, diversity, and friendship. Also, most kids become good readers and writers by reading to them. 

Home Life

I’m originally from D.R. Congo, have lived in different countries, and am currently based in Canada Winnipeg with my husband Gui, our four boys, and one girl. As you can tell, I am a busy mom, but I find time to write when everyone is in bed, and the house is quiet except for the soft music in the background, which makes me think creatively. If you pay me a visit in the summertime, you will find that I enjoy taking my kids places,  but sometimes just working down the street accompanied by my husband and my beautiful kids is another thing I love doing.

Current project

My debut picture book was published last year, and I have another project coming up  this year. So stay tuned to get updated for the next release.
I’m excited to develop my writing skills with new projects and challenges from time to time

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