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​Nancy & Christmas Story

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​A Children's Book

Nancy And Christmas Story

​Nancy and the Christmas Story. 

​Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Nancy experienced culture shock when she moved to a new city. The belief that Santa Claus existed confused her. And the reason people thought they celebrated Christmas was entirely different from what she knew.

However, her discovery of the difference between Santa Claus and Jesus Christ saved the world.

Great-read-aloud story

This is a great read-aloud Christmas story for kids. My 8-year-old daughter said it was a little bit sad when Nancy got bulled, but she loved the happy ending.


Austin Macauley Publisher

Great story for kids and family

This is a great read-aloud Christmas present for kids. I bought it for my nieces and my daughter. They love the story and they are now acting like Nancy from the book. We can't wait for another children's book from this author.



This is a great Christmas Story

Wow, this is a great Christmas story for every Christian family. My friend told me about this book while making a gift list. I just read a few pages on the publisher's website; I couldn't help falling in love with the little girl Nancy.



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